Well, as I think my previous blog over and ponder it, I may start to somewhat contradict myself.  Many of the later clocks (after 1870 or so) are terrific clocks and well worth preserving for the future.  The value of these is pretty low now, and one cannot probably buy a clock, restore/preserve it, and flip it to make much money today.  Will the value ever come back?  I do not know, but probably not in my lifetime. 

Still, many of these clocks are truly works of art and will never be seen again unless preserved by somebody.  So, maybe it is our responsibility as clock collectors to protect some of these clocks from deterioration without particular regard to their present value or near term appreciation in value.

Also, these clocks are more affordable for the budget minded collector, and are fine timepieces.  One can gain knowledge and skill in the art of restoration or preservation without much downside potential.  Once restored/preserved, they can be hung and appreciated for the beautiful antiques they are.