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Very attractiveBiedermeier style, Viennese 2 weight regulator with a one-piece signed dial and pie crust bezel.

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Beautiful circa 1840 Biedermeier Vienna regulator in Rosewood case. This Vienna regulator is of classic design and proportions with a beautiful carved crest and plain tail.  The double train movement strikes on the hour and half hour and is provided with a dead beat escapement, and beat regulation. The signed ‘one-piece’ porcelain dial has fine Roman numerals, delicate blued steel hands and a ‘pie-crust’ bezel. The pendulum has a wood rod and the brass cased weights are supported bymost attractive pulleys. The delicate key has a wooden handle.

 This is one of the most rare antique Vienna regulators you will ever see, as very few of the Biedermeier style Vienna regulators had the two weight movements. 

The clock is approximately 43" long including the crown. It is 12" wide at it's widest. The case has "satin banding" strips along all the glasses, on the door, and on the backboard. These banding strips are of a contrasting color and thus they are called "satin banding"!

The dial is signed Fr. Mösslinger, Wien.  Franz Mössingler is shown in the book "Viennese Clockmakers and What They Left Us" as working about 1840, and interestingly he is know to have signed the back of his dials as is the case in this clock. The dial is nearly perfect. The pendulum stick is made from wood. The front and back of the pendulum bob are both brass. The carved crest is well proportioned, but is a later hand carved piece. The glass is old wavy glass.

Caveats: There is a crack in the backboard which does not really show because of the pendulum.  There are some scratches on the door.   There are a couple of small chips in the porcelain dial by the winding holes (see pictures). The crown is beautiful and quite appropriate, but a replacement.  The wall stabilizers are old but replacements.  These are not unusual considering it's 150 year life.

This clock is really terrific , this clock would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

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