Vienna Regulator Item Number B0171

Item Number B0171:

Exceptional and Rare Transitional Style, 3 Weight, Viennese regulator witha beautiful "Pie Crust" bezel.


Beautiful 3 weight Transitional Style Vienna Regulator. This ca. 1870 Vienna regulator is of classic design and proportions with beautiful carvings.  A rare Austrian made, Transitional style Vienna Regulator withbrass, weights, and pendulum bob .

The movement is unsigned and has recentlybeen completely overhauled and is in great condition.  This clock strikes on a coiled gong every 15 minutes in a Grand Sonnerie striking sequence.

The clock case has the Rose Faux finish often seen on transitional and Serpentine clocks of this period.  I believe that the finish is pretty much original, just touched up.  I am always amazed at how these old shellac finishes can usually be brought back to a pristine condition.  It measures approximately 50 inches long by 15 inches wide at it's widest point.  The pictures tell the story, just look below! 

Caveats:  The crown carving and bottom are more recent replacements.

This clock is really terrific , it runs well and keeps good time. This clock would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

I am willing to ship this item within the USA, or to the UK, Europe or other international destinations. Please inquire about shipping costs.

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