Vienna Regulator Item Number B0172

Item Number B0172:

Exceptional and Rare Biedermeier/Transitional Style, 3 Weight, Viennese regulator with  a beautiful "Pie Crust" bezel.


Beautiful 3 weight Transitional Style Vienna Regulator. This ca. 1860 Vienna regulator is of classic design and proportions with beautiful carvings.  A rare Austrian made, Transitional style Vienna Regulator with  brass, weights, and pendulum bob .

The movement is signed Joh. Bily in Wein (Vienna).  He is known to have worked between 1856 and 1862.  It and has recently  been completely overhauled and is in great condition.  This clock strikes on a coiled gong every 15 minutes in a Grand Sonnerie striking sequence.

The clock case is Rosewood.  I believe that the finish is pretty much original, and it has been brought back to "as original" condition.  I am always amazed at how these old shellac finishes can usually be brought back to a pristine condition.  It measures approximately 50 inches long by 15 inches wide at it's widest point.  The pictures tell the story, just look below! 

Caveats:  The crown carving may be replacement.  Very few of the original crowns survived the years, but either way this is very appropriate.

This clock is really terrific , it runs well and keeps good time. This clock would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

I am willing to ship this item within the USA, or to the UK, Europe or other international destinations. Please inquire about shipping costs.

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