Item Number J019:

 Beautiful circa 1870 Vienna regulator in the Serpentine Style.

$1000 USD Plus S&H

Description per Jerry Walsh:

I've had this gorgeous vienna regulator in my collection for about ten years, and purchased it from an elderly collector of advanced quality vienna regulators who lived in my region. He had owned this piece for a number of years himself.  Probably it is German rather than Austrian. I base this on the type of movement mount it has, which uses metal slides with side thumbscrews. I believe the movement to be original to the case.
The porcelain dial which boasts a subsidiary seconds bit is in quite good condition, with a few flaws reflecting its age, such as a few "freckles" between the Roman numerals 9 and 10, a faint spiderweb hairline between the one and two and a crack in the porcelain running through the number four.  This eight-day movement counts the hour and strikes once every half hour.

The shape and finish of the case are absolutely stunning! I have received compliments about its "presence" on the wall from multiple collectors who have visited my home. Two clock collectors who are also gun fanciers have compared the finish to that found on the stock of a fine rifle. Typical of effects of time on wood, there are several age cracks at the top of the serpentine-shaped door and one at the bottom. Wife acceptance factor for this vienna regulator should be off the charts.
 his clock would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

Jerry is willing to ship this item within the USA only.  Please inquire about shipping costs.