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Hello. My name is Dave Blackman. Welcome to my Vienna-regulators.com web site.  I love and collect Vienna Regulators.  In the USA, they are called Vienna Regulators, but in the UK (among other places) they are usually called Vienna wall clocks.  True Vienna Regulators are weight driven clocks, although there are  some spring driven clocks generally referred to as Vienna Regulators..

 A Vienna Regulator makes a wonderful addition to your home.  The clocks made before 1850 tended to be simpler in design than the clocks produced later.   The lines of the clocks were finer, casework was narrower, and in general the clocks were more rectilinear than the later, often very ornate styles.  They were artistically designed, beautifully finished, and hand crafted with painstaking care by old world craftsmen.  Often the original shellac finish is still in near perfect condition (maybe under several layers of dirt or even lacquer).   The older styles of Vienna Regulator generally fit in well with the home d├ęcor of today.

I am always interested in upgrading my collection and occasionally acquiring another quality Vienna Regulator.    I especially like the Beidermeier, or Empire style (Laterndluhr or Dachluhr) Vienna Regulator Clocks.  As I "upgrade" my collection of antique clocks, I have to part with one now and again.   I usually have a couple of nice antique clocks on my "FOR SALE" pages. 

I am a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).  This organization promotes the science of watches and clocks.  It has regional and local meetings, which usually include an exchange of knowledge (lectures) and a "Mart".

E-Mail me if you have something to sell, a question about a clock you may have, or just to "chat" about Vienna Regulators.

Vienna Regulators for SALE

A Vienna Regulator makes a wonderful addition to your home. 

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Vienna Regulator Styles

If you would like to know more about the different styles of antique Vienna Regulator clocks follow the link below. This information is compliments of Dr. Phil Rasch.


Vienna Regulator Setup Suggestions

Vienna Regulator Hanging & Set Up Suggestions.


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