Well, where does the time go.  I looked at my last clock blog and it was almost a year ago.  I haven't been doing that much with the clocks.  I started to clean up the brass on a Waltham Marine Chronometer back in June, but I haven't touched it lately.  I have been pretty busy with other matters, mainly family, boating, and fishing when weather/time permits.

I am planning to take my own advise from "BLOG- VOL. 2" and restore an old 3 weight Altdeutsch Vienna Regulator that has been in my family since the mid 1970's.  It is not in bad shape, and does run, but it needs some clean up and proper trim.  I am hopeful that I can post the progress of this on my website.  I won't be making videos, but I am hopeful that I can talk about the various things I do and post pictures.  I am fairly capable of this kind of work, but I cannot make carvings or finials, so I will use parts (when necessary) that I have accumulated, or had others make for me.  I hope to start this process in November, after I have pulled the boat out of the water (because it gets cold here in Ohio after October).

Below is a picture of the clock now.  I have previously replaced the top carving and the top finials.  I do not have any pictures from before that time.  The top carving was made by a Vieneese born carver in California, and the finials made locally from a sketch I made that seemed to have the "proper" proportions as an original would have.  The hands are "Remember" hands although this is not a "Remember" (Gebruder Resch) movement.  They are appropriate for the period and I do not plan to change them.

Vienna Regulator as it is now.